How to Measure your Bathroom for Tiling Installation Ottawa

How to Measure your Bathroom for Tiling Installation Ottawa

Tiling installation in Ottawa from  renovation experts Miracle Dream Homes give you some suggestions while considering tile installation. Tiling a small bathroom is a relatively easy DIY job that could be undertaken by most competent DIYers but before you make a start you will need to work out how many tiles you need to buy. Clearly it is important to buy enough so that you can complete the job; especially as all the tiles should come from the same batch in order to get a perfect colour and shade match. But, on the other hand you don’t want to buy so many that you have too many left over and have wasted your money.

There are rough and ready ways of calculating how many tiles you need, typically multiply the length and width of the room to get the overall area and then subtract any sections that will not be tiled, for example, in the bath area. This can work out to be the right amount but it doesn’t take account of how the tiles will be cut and it is not uncommon to have lots of small offcuts left that might amount to several square metres but are too small to actually fit in any of the spaces that you have left to tile. This can be extremely frustrating and seem like a real waste of money.

The way to ensure this doesn’t happen on your tiling project is to work out the most efficient layout first. Laying out tiles is a balance of making it look good and minimising waste. Remember there will always be some waste so it cannot be avoided altogether.

Start by cutting out some pieces of newspaper to the size of your chosen tile and using these to mock up a layout on the floor or walls. Floor tiles should start with the first tile whole and central in the doorway. The only time this rule should not be followed is if it leaves you with a very narrow strip of tile around the edges of the room or up against the bath of shower cubicle. In that case adjust it slightly by not using a whole tile in the doorway but may three quarters of a tile or two thirds. Only make it as small as half a tile if you absolutely have to.

Now do the same for your wall tiles making sure to write down all the measurements; a smartphone is useful for this as you won’t lose any scraps of paper with measurements on.

Once you are happy with the layout then work out how many square metres of tiles you will need and add 10% – 20% for breakages and offcuts that cannot be used.

Bathroom areas can be very awkward shapes particularly on the floor if you have a pedestal basin and traditional style toilet so take special care when working out you layout and measuring up around these areas.

If you have chosen a tile that is too large for your space then you might find that it is impossible to get a layout that looks good. Large porcelain tiles are very popular and look fabulous in a large space but you might find smaller floor or wall tiles better suited to a small bathroom. So it would be worth considering smaller ceramic tiles that will look better and also be easier to lay and cut around awkward obstacles.


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