Sliding VS Crank What Window Style Is Right For You?

Sliding Vs. Crank What Window Style Is Right For You?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to choosing how they would want their window style to look like. With so many varied types of windows, each tends to have its own pros and cons which may actually help one while they are thinking of purchasing the windows.

There are two types of windows that one may easily choose from Crank windows and sliding window styles.

Crank windows

The first one is the crack window which opens to the outside when one turns the crack handle, and they considered to be the highest energy efficient windows as the crank compression normally caps out the air from the outside which is unwanted.

Styles of the Crank Windows

  1. Casement window

These windows are normally attached to the frame either by one or more hinges on one of their sides.


  • They open up entirely providing proper ventilation
  • Are able to conserve energy as they tend to seal completely due to the compression seal technology
  • Provide an unobstructed view
  • Are easy to clean from the outsides
  • Provide security as they are hard to be broken into
  • Offer maximum visibility and light


  • The window opens on the outside i.e. may be a disadvantage for crowded places
  • If one mishandles the crank it may damage the mechanism.
  1. Awning windows

Are almost the same as casement windows but their hinges are normally at the top and are more suitable for that are wide.


  • Are ideal for hard reach places e.g. washrooms
  • Give good ventilation and are energy efficient due to the compression seal technology
  • May be kept open during rainy seasons and still give ample light and visibility


  • Requires space on the outside to open
  • May be hard to clean as they are highly placed
  • Over tightening or over-torqueing may easily decrease the functionality of windows

Slider windows

Opened by either pulling them vertically or horizontally and the slider normally stays in the window frame and may easily be turned to a 90-degree angle to ease in cleaning

Styles of slider windows:

  1. Horizontal slide windows

They may be either single or double and have a sash that slides horizontally across a track.


  • Are cheaper and suitable for wide openings
  • Offer a 90-degree option for tilting making them easier to clean
  • They do not need any exterior space for opening


  • They have no compression seal hence not as efficient as crank windows in energy saving
  • May be difficult to operate as a result of friction and excessive buildup of dirt
  • Are not watertight in extreme conditions
  • Are not as beautiful as half of them has a screen and the other half does not have the screen hence making it not look as uniform.
  1. Single hung windows

The bottom sash normally hangs up and down on a track.


  • They don’t open to the outside
  • May be easily cleaned from the inside with tilt option


  • They are less energy efficient as compared to crank windows
  • May be difficult to function due to accumulation of dirt and friction
  • They reduce ventilation as only half of the window opens

Hence choosing the window for a home depends on the purpose it should play and the style one want to have in their home. Contact Miracle Dream Homes for assistance in installing windows for your home.

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