Insurance – A point of consideration

When choosing a contractor for your construction or renovation project, wether you finish a basement or build an addition or custom home for that matter, home owners go thru a mental checklist of “things we must ask a contractor”. A lot of time home owners will ask about experience, how many years have you been in business, sometimes ask about references.

Basement Finishing – The Proper Way

This subject has been discussed many times already, but every time we meet a new client we find that it comes up again – Proper Way to Finish a Basement. First of all, once your basement renovation is complete, it needs to remain dry and moisture free. The rule is, if your foundation walls are properly waterproof and your draining tile around foundation walls installed & work properly, it should prevent the water from coming inside your basement.

Basement ideas: Furniture

Basements are notorious for having little if any space. If you are looking for ways to extend that precious space, here’s an idea: think compact furniture. And here’s the little helper: a New York based company called Resource Furniture. The company has gained a reputation for providing Interior Designers, Architects and Specifiers access to European Furniture.

Green Homes or Are They?

We all have heard this by now “Green Homes” or “Green Building” but let me ask you, are they really green? A lot of builders these days advertise building “green homes” and I’m always amazed at how little of “green” is in them, and I don’t mean the color of the builders logo J.

ICF Examples

Applications of ICF are diverse. Having gained wide popularity in commercial construction, ICF is now making its way into institutional and residential sectors of construction industry.Organizations with limited budget (non-profits, community centers, churches) find ICF buildings particularly useful as it allows them save a lot of their budget money through lower maintenance costs.

What is ICF?

Insulating concrete formwork (ICF) otherwise known as permanently insulated formwork (PIF) is an insulated concrete system of building that is quick to construct and offers significantly better levels of performance than traditional building techniques.