Another Basement Renovation Started

Another Day Another Basement,

Just shy of a week ago we have started on another Basement Finishing Job in Kanata and I thought I’d keep everyone posted on the progress of this job.

First thing first. In Every project, there’s going to be a little surprise. In this one we were hoping to bring all of our subfloor system thru the large windows, but just as we brought the materials on site, we found that, Oops only one window out of two can be taken out of the frame and… Well, Kyle and Eddy had to take 25 sheets of 5/8 OSB down the very tight stairs. Well that took some extra time, but by the time they were done, we were up and running again making some good progress.

We did:

Subfloor using Platon system.

Plumbing was rerouted. That required opening of concrete floor, removal of waste, plumbing relocation and installation of brand new plumbing for future 3pc basement washroom. As always my faithful John The Plumber came down and completed the project int he most professional manner.

We closed the opened concrete floor and ready for Shower, Toilet and Vanity to come in.

All walls were installed.

All bulkheads installed.

Friday Dave the Electrician came on site and started running wires.

Here are some photos of the work in process.

Monday is on it’s way and we’ll continue finishing this project. The home owners are happy, they are very nice people and we’re looking forward to finishing the project soon and giving them a little “surprise”

And just as a special Thank You to my crew and in particular to Kyle and Eddy I want to note how clean the site is. They religiously clean the site every day before they leave.

June 12 2011 Update:

As you know we’ve started on a new project to finish the basement in Kanata on June 1.

This is an update to the Kanata Basement Renovation, Kanata Basement finishing post.

Job is progressing well and this past week we had Dario the Drywall Guy to come in and start on our drywall part of the Basement Renovation. It well very well and by Friday afternoon our Basement Renovation project was all drywalled and taped with some palaces receiving a first coat of drywall mud. Way to go Dario…

Here are some photos for you:


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