Why Consider Home Tiling Renovation

Have you hire a professional to tile your bathroom, laundry or kitchen. If you have recently built a raised level, addition or are just remodeling, you will need to figure out what type of tiling renovation you are going to install throughout your home. In the article below are going to briefly discuss Ceramic, porcelain, marble and tiling renovation for your home remodeling project.

Tiling Renovation with Ceramic

Your Ottawa tiling installation project has been running smoothly. At this point, you will need to pick out your tile products for each tiling renovation, either in the kitchen or any other room in your home. Using ceramic tile can be a cheaper way to go when tiling your home.

Ceramic tile is a durable material which tends to be less expensive than marble or porcelain and easier for the tiling pro’s to work with. Ceramic tiles are highly resistant to staining which makes it very attractive for your tile installation Ottawa. Ceramic tile comes in various colors as well as textures.  Also since ceramic tile is easy to work with, its cost of labor tend to be cheaper than when using Marble or Porcelain.

Tiling with Marble and Porcelain

Oppose to common opinion, porcelain tiles are more durable. Porcelain have an absorption rate of 100 times less than most ceramic tiles. As far as pricing is concern, porcelain tiles are quite costly as compared to ceramic tiles. They are formed very similar to ceramic but fired at much higher temperature.  Porcelain tiles are extremely durable and highly stain resistant. Porcelain can also be polished to a high gloss finish good enough for your home tiling renovation.

Marble tiles are very hard durable stone. Just like porcelain, marble tile can be highly polished to a high glossy finish. Marble tiles are very porous making it very easy to be stained. Sealing your marble tile is highly advisable to prevent staining. When installing marble tiles for your home tiling renovation. It can match your marble tiling installation. Many professional’s advise their clients to buy marble tiling and fabricated items for their tiling renovations.

Although there are various types of tiles out there in the market, whenever you think of doing some tiling renovation in your home, talk to the professionals at Miracle Dream Homes to seek advise on how to go about your project.