How to Tile Your Basement Bathroom Ottawa

Nothing looks better than a well tiled basement bathroom Ottawa and these days there are various types of you can have in tiling your bathroom. With millions of textures and patterns, you can go for your bathroom tiling with the design and type you want. Choose Ottawa tile installation for your bathroom, you can either go for a professionals who have skills in tiling your bathroom or you can renovate it yourselves.

Before you set out for tiling your bathroom, you need to have tools such as a tile cutter, spirit levels, tile saw, adhesives, grout spreader and tile cutting jigs. Before you proceed, you have to endeavor the walls and floors where you plan on tiling your bathroom are dry and level. For walls and floor which are not level, make sure you level up the walls and floor to avoid cracks or damages in the near future.

Next is to make sure that the tiles you are about to fix no the wall are horizontal and you can check this by using a spirit level. You can also take dimensions of your windows as the horizontal level to start tiling your basement bathroom Ottawa. After you must have done this process, the next process is applying the adhesive. Make sure you keep the adhesive away from contact with water and moisture and the tiles which are most likely to come in contact with water should also be applied carefully with the adhesive. To obtain a perfect fixing of the tiles, the tile area should be completely applied with the adhesive before fitting the tiles. Most adhesives come readily mixed and thus do not require to be processed further.

Most tiles will come angle to angle while the others need to be cut to be placed according to your bathroom.  Care should be taken not to cut too much of the tiles. Then the tile should be fitted as instructed previously. When all the fitting is done, searched for leaks and the tile putting should be applied to prevent them.

Tile installation in your basement bathroom Ottawa is one of the most effective ways of making your bathroom look good.

Never do your entire wall at once but work in sections measuring 1.5 sq. m to make it easier. Make sure you place your tiles into the adhesive until the mixture touches out around the tile edges and then place a plastic spacer at the edge so that the lines between each tile are even when tiling your bathroom.

So, whenever you think of tiling your bathroom, try using this simple tips as explained above or better still call Miracle Dream Homes to assist you with your goals.