Are you renovating your bathroom or a small powder room? Wondering what colour you should choose to paint the walls and the ceiling? Colour is a rather simple question that can often lead to a lot of confusion and worry. Here are some suggestions from bathroom contractors in Ottawa that will make the daunting task of choosing the colour for your small bathroom project an easier process.

What Colours Already Exist in Your Bathroom?

If you’re choosing a wall colour, think about the other elements in your bathroom. If you have a white vanity and counter, you may want the walls to stand out by choosing a colour. In contrast, you can get a seamless look where your vanity blends into the wall without any lines, which can make your bathroom appear larger. Do you want your wall colour to complement the tiles? Keeping the same colour on the floors and walls is another trick to making the bathroom appear larger.

Why Are White Ceilings the Norm in Bathrooms?

Light colours give off a spacious and clean feeling, which make your bathroom feel bigger. White ceilings are common in bathrooms, along with white trim and doors. This keeps that clean and spacious feeling. When the wall colour and the ceiling colour are the same, you don’t add lines that break up the space.

Natural Lighting Adds Airiness

While you’re considering wall colour, you may want to think about the amount of lighting in the bathroom. Natural light or LEDs can make a space feel bigger, so if you want to use a darker shade as accents, make sure to have plenty of light to offset the heaviness. We recommend using dark colours minimally in a small bathroom instead of making them front and center.

There’s No Right or Wrong Way to Choose Colour for Your Bathroom Renovations

You may also want to think about your grout colour during your bathroom renovations in Ottawa. If you are using tiles on the wall and floor, this may be a bigger consideration than if you were just using tile on the floor. You may want to match the grout colour to the paint on the walls or choose a complementary colour to add interest. Many different colours will work in your bathroom, so create the paradise you want.

Not sure you’re up to the task of choosing the wall colours during your bathroom installation in Ottawa? Our experienced team will gladly help you choose the wall colours based on the criteria we’ve talked about above. Just ask them. We at Miracle Dream Homes often help our clients to select the wall colour after the wall tile and the floor tile has been installed. Ask and you shall be given, as they say! We can answer all your questions about renovating a small bathroom.