The question about bathroom tile and the best size and shape is probably one of the most commonly asked questions about renovating a small bathroom. There are several important aspects that this question opens up and we will address them one at a time in this blog.  

Trends in Bathroom Tile Size  

Choosing the right tile for your bathroom installation in Ottawa can make a big difference in the final results. Modern bathrooms are using many different tile sizes, not just the 12×12 tiles that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Larger tiles, 12×24 are trending in bathrooms because the tile creates more interest and fewer grout lines to break up the floor space. Using larger tiles in smaller bathrooms can seem counterintuitive, but it can make the space feel larger.  

Trends in Bathroom Tile Patterns  

Subway tile, which is white rectangular tile, is making a comeback in bathroom renovations in Ottawa. Patterned tile is also on-trend. Using small tiles in a creative pattern can fool your brain into thinking the space is larger. Classic design has an elegant feel, which can make your bathroom seem more spacious. Don’t think you’re limited to standard square designs. Placing tiles in a diagonal pattern or offsetting tiles can make beautiful designs for your small bathroom.  

Trends in Tile Colour to Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger 

In addition to patterns and shapes, tile colour can impact the feel of the room. Natural and lighter colours give the feeling of a more open space, but if you keep everything the same colour, it can also give you the feeling that the bathroom is more spacious than it is. The key is to transition seamlessly between materials so that you don’t break up the space. Installing tiles all the way to the ceiling is another design trick that makes your bathroom appear bigger. 

What tile size should I use to make my small bathroom look bigger

How Bathroom Tile Can Affect the Cost of Your Renovations  

The types and size of the tile you choose can have different installation costs. With some bathroom contractors in Ottawa, not all tiles are installed at the same cost. Here at Miracle Dream Homes, we have a standard tile size that can be found in our “Standard Items”, which are included with every quote we provide. In these Standard Items we have allocated that we do not charge any extras for tiles from 6”x6” to 24”x24” in size, and installation of the tiles are either straight or staggered based on the layout of the room. Complex patterns can also carry an additional cost.  

Bathroom Tile Design for Successful Bathroom Renovations  

Your bathroom tile will be part of your bathroom for years to come. Plan to spend time working on the design to make sure you understand the type of tile and installation that your contractor is using. Ask questions about your bathroom renovations to create a beautiful space for your family. Contact Miracle Dream Homes to discuss bathroom remodels.