choose bathroom renovation contractor

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Renovation Contractor

When it comes to making over your bathroom, it’s not just about choosing the right tiles, the perfect tub, or that dreamy shade of teal you’ve had your eye on. Arguably, the most crucial decision is picking a trustworthy bathroom renovation contractor. But how do you sift through the countless options out there? Well, pour…

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laundry room renovation

Transform Your Laundry Room: Innovative Renovation Ideas

Laundry rooms are often the unsung heroes of the home, tucked away and forgotten until it’s time to tackle the weekly mountain of washing. However, with thoughtful design and clever renovations, your laundry room can be transformed into a functional and stylish space that makes the mundane task of laundry a bit more enjoyable.

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mold bathroom reno

The Silent Threat: How Bad Plumbing Can Lead to Mold in Your Home

In the vast ecosystem of a house, even the smallest of problems can snowball into larger issues if left unchecked. One of these issues, which homeowners often underestimate, is the connection between poor plumbing and the onset of mold. While a dripping faucet or a slight leak under the sink might seem benign, the implications of leaving…

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bathroon gadgets

Embrace the Future: Unveiling the Latest Bathroom Tech and Gadgets

The bathroom is rapidly transforming from a utilitarian space to a technological haven, offering comfort, entertainment, and energy efficiency. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom into a smart space, dive into this guide to discover the latest bathroom tech and gadgets that are setting trends in 2023.

Smart Showers

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Bathtub selection

Unveiling the Ideal Soaking Experience: A Guide to Bathtub Varieties

In recent years, bathrooms have evolved from being purely functional spaces to oases of luxury and relaxation. Central to this transformation is the humble bathtub, which now graces bathrooms in myriad forms, meeting different preferences, and budgets. Let us delve into the captivating world of bathtubs, understanding the diverse types available, their use cases, pricing dynamics, and…

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house wall painting

DIY Around the House: What You Can Do and When to Call a Specialist

Home maintenance can be a fulfilling and cost-effective endeavor for homeowners. The satisfaction of fixing a leaky faucet or repainting a room is unmatched. However, it’s essential to understand our limits to avoid causing more harm than good. Here’s a guide to help you determine which jobs you can tackle yourself and when it might be best…

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Modern bathroom with a Freestanding Bathtub, fireplace and big window with fall scenery

Bathroom Renovation Trends in Fall 2023

Ever walked into a bathroom and felt like you’ve traveled back in time? The peach tiles, the fuzzy toilet seat covers, remember those? Now, let’s dive into what’s currently making waves in bathroom design. Fall 2023 is ushering in fresh, innovative, and stunning trends for bathroom renovation!

Bathrooms have transitioned from being just…

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bathroom renovation ottawa tub to shower conversion tiled floor

Should I Convert my Tub to a Shower?

Nothing transforms a bathroom space like replacing a tub with a walk-in shower. Typically, two-in-one shower and tubs are what we see in bathrooms these days, as it’s a great way to provide bathing options in limited space. That said, there are both pros and cons associated with replacing…

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Save on Your Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa

Useful Tips: How to Save on Your Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa

Many of us dream of the perfect home, the perfect space, the perfect bathroom. Saving your hard-earned money for a bathroom renovation is a happy thought. But in the words of Willie Nelson, “We create our own unhappiness.” This blog post is not about music or the art of happiness, but it is…

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LED mirror in basement bathroom with tiled shower

How to Make a Bathroom Handicap Accessible

Your personal or family circumstances can change in an instant, requiring you to make adjustments to your living space to make it more accessible. This includes the bathroom, which can often be difficult to navigate when dealing with mobility issues. By making a few simple renovations, you can create…

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Stunning Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa - Miracle Dream Homes

Showcasing a Stunning Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa by Miracle Dream Homes

We are very happy to report the completion of another 3-piece bathroom renovation in an Ottawa south home. 

Though it’s a very typical bathroom renovation project and 3-piece bathrooms are very common in modern construction, the project turned out to be quite a nice looking bathroom. It’s not a big bathroom, but it’s very cozy and clean and the client loved the way it turned…

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How Can I Add Storage to My Small Bathroom?

How Can I Add Storage to My Small Bathroom?

Is it possible to add some storage to a small bathroom or is it a contradiction in terms? In this short article, we will address how to maximize the storage in a small size bathroom and what one can expect as far as functional storage capacity during bathroom renovations in Ottawa.  

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Is a shower better than a tub in my small bathroom?

Is A Shower Better than a Tub in My Small Bathroom?

Often homeowners wonder if they should have a bathtub or a shower in their bathroom. In small bathrooms, it’s a very relevant question, but there’s no definitive answer. You need to think about the space you have available and what’s best for your family’s needs. Here are some pointers about what to consider during bathroom installations in Ottawa when choosing…

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What Colour Should I Use To Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger

What Colour Should I Use to Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Are you renovating your bathroom or a small powder room? Wondering what colour you should choose to paint the walls and the ceiling? Colour is a rather simple question that can often lead to a lot of confusion and worry. Here are some suggestions from bathroom contractors in Ottawa that will make the daunting task of…

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What tile size should I use to make my small bathroom look bigger

What tile size should I use to make my small bathroom look bigger?

The question about bathroom tile and the best size and shape is probably one of the most commonly asked questions about renovating a small bathroom. There are several important aspects that this question opens up and we will address them one at a time in this blog.  

Trends in Bathroom Tile Size  

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How Can I Make My Small Bathroom in Ottawa Look Better?

How Can I Make My Ottawa Home’s Small Bathroom Look Better?

A small bathroom doesn’t have to appear small. Make your small bathroom appear visually bigger by simply keeping it as airy and open as possible. Light colours with a white ceiling and white trim trick the eye to think the space is larger. Experienced bathroom contractors in Ottawa have the creative design skills to give you…

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Renovating a Small Bathroom –FAQ

Renovating a Small Bathroom – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my small bathroom look better?

Make your small bathroom appear larger by keeping it open and airy, free of clutter. Use light colors on the walls. Bring natural light into the space or use LEDs to light it up. Install vanities, cabinets and sinks that suit the size of your…

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Custom Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa

Custom Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa to Suit Your Needs

One of the most common reasons homeowners in Ottawa renovate their bathrooms is to suit specific needs or requirements. As age catches up to us, bathrooms with a spacious shower and easy entry become more desirable than traditional bathrooms with bathtubs.

It has been a popular trend in the past decade to convert a…

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white kitchen renovation in ottawa

Renovating Your Ottawa Home During COVID-19? Learn How to do it Safely

One of the very common questions I get these days from our customers is, “How does your home renovation crew work during a pandemic?” Probably 90% of people who call us from our website inquiring about a bathroom, kitchen, or basement renovation in Ottawa, ask this question.

There is no doubt that the COVID-19…

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bathroom tile installation

Bathroom Tiling Ottawa

Once you’ve done a trial “dry lay” with your tiles and your floor surface is clean and ready for tiling, so are you! These 8 steps will take you through how to lay and grout your tiles from Miracle Dream Homes.

Step 1

Measure out from the wall to establish a square line and starting point (the video…

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Tips on Creative Tiling Ottawa

Tiles are a great option when it comes to decorating the floors and walls of your home. If you are just getting started with your decorating then here are a few creative tiling Ottawa tips from Miracle Dream Homes to help you get the most out of your tiling to achieve the result you…

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Tiling Your Bath Area

Tile arrangement is the king in every bathroom renovation. Tile Installation from the start could aid in everything from framing the change to niche the locations to fixture the locations to the lighting areas. Without the particular arrangement, the outcome might be close to what you desired…

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after small bathroom renovation

Brighter Basement Bathroom Ideas

The basement bathroom renovation and improvement are becoming much more popular these days as it allows you to experience the contemporary lifestyle. Renovating your home… How to Make Your Basement Bathroom Renovation Bright and Fresh

The basement bathroom renovation and improvement are becoming much more popular these days as it allows you to experience the contemporary lifestyle. Renovating your home…

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