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Miracle Dream Homes is your local Ottawa home improvement company. We are family-owned and operated and have been servicing Ottawa and surrounding areas since 2009 and in business since 2004.

Our main areas of focus are bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, basement finishing, and basement bathrooms. We also often do various types of tile and hardwood flooring and interior finishings such as carpentry, painting, interior stonework, and backsplashes.

We believe in the simple truths; if we serve our customers with skilled work, a direct and honest business approach, and a good personal disposition, everyone will win in the process. It is important to us that our customers, as well as our contractors (workers), are well taken care of.

Team Page Faq

  • The MDH Team of Home Renovation and Remodeling Specialists in Ottawa

    When we started this small renovation business many years ago, we did it for all the same reasons others become entrepreneurs – to make a living, just like most contracting companies do. In time, it grew to be much bigger than that; it became about people, about building relationships and providing families and individuals in the Ottawa region with something of value. It became a desire to give just a little more than what we receive. I guess we found some sort of higher satisfaction knowing that we did something right. As a psychologist would say “on a Maslow’s pyramid of needs, we found our Self-Actualization.”

    One knows the work one does is no longer work is when one seeks the satisfaction of it more than financial reward. When a cold phone call turns into a warm welcome to their home. When a stranger yesterday is a phone contact today and a phone call with them starts not about what we can do for them, but about their family; then you know it’s more than a job. You know they are more than a customer.

    Besides pride in working with great customers, we take our business very seriously. We are very careful when hiring new personnel and rarely need to do so as most of our people have been with us for a long time. We feel it is a huge responsibility to hire a worker and provide for his/her livelihood. So, the wellbeing of our staff is of extreme importance to us. With that in mind, we try to create an atmosphere where our staff will enjoy going to work each day.

  • Old School Values, New-Age Renovations!

    When you look around for a home improvement company, you think about many factors besides your budget and your design goals. After all, who would you want to invite into your home to renovate your bathroom? A grumpy underpaid worker, or someone who is looking forward to going to work each day, mastering their craft in a fulfilling career?

    Our work environment is fun, fulfilling and it’s healthy. Respect from a contractor to a client and from a client to a contractor is paramount to us.

    We are very old school, but only in our values and commitment to relationships. We strongly believe that leaders are not just titles and roles; the role of a leader is to lead. If you talk to any of our crew members, they will tell you that often an owner of the company will help take out the garbage, sweep the floor, or deliver materials. Our workers are paid the same as the owners of the company. We are proud to be a company where everyone who works hard earns a good living. It is a tremendous joy to see your workers buy a house, become a father, be free to take their daughter to school, and enjoy a work-life balance. We have been very privileged to witness this several times and that assures us that we are on the right track.

    None of this would have happened if not for the hard work of everyone in this team and the trust of our customers, and for that, we are grateful to no end.

    In all our dealings with you, our customers, above all, we want to be fair and honest. That sometimes means that we say what not everyone wants to hear, but we always want to be open and transparent. We know from our experience that this is the only way for people to be on the same page and to have trust.

    We have also been privileged to serve local Ottawa Lowe’s and Rona stores as their main bathroom and kitchen installers for a decade and counting. It has been a very healthy relationship and partnership. We have met many wonderful people through these years and continue to do so to this moment.

    Here are some of our team members and some words briefly describing their lives and characters.

  • team-member


    Agathe initially joined in an administrative position but quickly moved to sales and project management. She is one of the first people you will meet to discuss the scope of work and put an estimate together. Agathe is caring and attentive to the needs of others, and her focus is always on finding the right solution for each individual’s dream project. Agathe speaks English and French and can communicate with ease in both languages. When not on the job, Agathe is with her daughter, on her motorcycle, or out in nature.


    Yuri has been with the company since its beginning. Yuri now oversees the day to day operations, as well as working with or crews and business partners. When not running the company, Yuri can be found exerting the same energy and passion at the gym, with his German shepherds, riding his bike, and continuous studies in philosophy.



    Ellie has been with Miracle Dream Homes since 2004, Ellie is responsible for all the unseen work without which we would not be able to function. Most administrative, as well as all accounting and crew scheduling, is covered by Ellie single-handed. Beside that Ellie does kitchen design and work with our kitchen clients. Outside of work Ellie is an avid reader and enjoys traveling.

    Alex M

    Alex M joined our team in early 2019 and has been a great asset with our bathroom and kitchen renovations. He is meticulous, his work is clean and customers love his presence. Besides work, Alex loves to travel and is involved with his kids as a coach.


    Alex G

    Alex Z Has been with Miracle Dream home for many years, starting as a tile setter and tiling numerous backsplashes. Now, Alex’s main focus is bathroom renovations, big or small. Alex Z is a very pleasant person with a positive attitude in life and work- he is loyal and trustworthy. Alex recently became a father to a beautiful little girl and loves to travel with his family in his spare time. Customers always tell us nice it is to have Alex Z in their home – we are proud and thankful to have Alex on our team.


    Everyone loves Gadji – He brings his tiling and bathroom renovation expertise to our team from across the ocean. For years, Gadji worked in France as a professional tile setter. Gadji renovated complex and simple projects, and his focus is on meticulous quality workmanship and will take the time needed to do it to his high standards. Gadji is a proud father to 3 amazing kids, has strong family values, and works extremely hard to make everyone’s life around him more pleasant. He speaks English, French, Russian, and Kumyk.



    Oleg is a valuable member of our team. While working on all sorts of interior work, Oleg particularly enjoys tile work and fine finishing details. All of our customers speak highly of Oleg as a tradesman and on a personal level. Before coming to Canada, Oleg worked in commercial and residential renovations in Russia, Poland, Sweden, England, and Norway. Outside of work, Oleg’s hobbies include gymnastics and mixed martial arts. Oleg speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish.


    Yes, we do call him 2.0 as there is another Roman on the team. Roman 2.0 is a very experienced and skilled crew member; his expertise is in plumbing, flooring, and general carpentry. Roman loves to spend time with his wife and daughter on the water or at the cottage. He is a deep thinker with a broad view of life, but don’t be confused – he will crack jokes and make you laugh out loud. We are very fortunate to have Roman on our team.



    It has been our pleasure to work with Anatoliy – he is our main electrical contractor. We rely on him for all of our bathroom and kitchen renovation electrical work. In his spare time, Anatoliy likes to build crafts and participate in community outreach programs.


    Customers LOVE Victor, everyone tells us that he is hardworking and never stops. Which is very true. Victor has a lot of experience working in the interior renovation industry, he has an amazing work ethic, and is an example of a hard worker. Victor does not talk much, when he comes to work, he is on tools and hard at work. Victor is a father to 3 kids and is very involved with his family, besides being a hard worker Victor holds a black belt in Ju-jitsu, and his kids are following in his footsteps in training.



    We have been privileged to work for Vlad for a number of years, Vlad has done many interior renovation projects for us, from flooring installation to Kitchen and Bathroom renovation. Outside of work, Vlad is a father to a young beautiful girl, his interests include travel, photography, and fishing.

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      Kitchens are complex renovation projects and often require a significant investment. Needless to say, a successful custom kitchen renovation adds tremendous value to your Ottawa home. Based on our experience installing kitchens in Ottawa, your preparation work, which would include walls, flooring, electrical, and some plumbing for an average size kitchen start from about $10,000. Your kitchen cabinets for an average size kitchen usually would start from about the same amount of $10,000. There are exceptions to this. We have installed many kitchens in basement apartments that cost less. The best thing is to reach out to us to discuss your project in detail. Below you will see some before and after pictures of kitchen renovations. We have also provided short descriptions of what was done and rough costs of the projects.

      To ensure the ease of the process for you and us, we remove the stress of all the supporting materials selection and simply leave it up to you to choose your finish materials. Even with that, help is available if you need to choose the right style of the cabinets or the functionality that will meet your needs. We can help you design your kitchen cabinets, or you can use one of many kitchen companies that will design and sell the kitchen cabinets to you. Perhaps you have already designed and purchased the cabinets and installation of them, such as the Ikea kitchen cabinet, and simply need to prepare the space for your new kitchen. We offer complete and partial kitchen renovation services, where you can have us handle the entire project, or we can do a partial preparation for your kitchen and a kitchen manufacturer will come in to install kitchen cabinets.

      At Miracle Dream Homes (MDH), we have been renovating, remodeling, and redesigning bathrooms and kitchens, and finishing basements in the Ottawa area since 2004. Our experience ranges from updating older homes to restyling newer ones, renovating for aging-in-place requirements, expanding smaller spaces for greater convenience and comfort, personalizing home designs and layouts, and much more. Our customers across the Ottawa area count on our skilled crews and the experience of our team to complete their home renovation projects on time and on budget.

      Save On Your Renovation

      It takes about 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. Tradespersons such as plumbers and electricians, when going through an apprenticeship program, take at least 5 years or 8,280 hours before they are fully ready to start working on their own. DIY enthusiasts often feel excited about projects such as bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels and basement renovations. Of course, it is exciting to think of a home makeover! However, it’s important to know that whether you renovate your bathroom, basement or kitchen, getting professional help will not only save you time but potentially thousands of dollars.