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Depth and Breadth of Renovating and Remodeling Experience

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At Miracle Dream Homes (MDH), we have been renovating homes, remodeling, and redesigning bathrooms and kitchens, and finishing basements in the Ottawa area since 2004.

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Bathroom Renovations

This section will guide you through all aspects of our Ottawa bathroom renovation services. You can see before and after pictures, get ideas and inspiration for your remodel, find answers to commonly asked questions, and get an idea of costs. This will guide you through our process of starting a bathroom renovation and what to expect throughout your project with Miracle Dream Homes. Do bear in mind that other companies may have different approaches.

Kitchen Renovation
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Kitchen renovations

This section addresses more general questions people ask in their search for a kitchen renovation contractor. You can see examples of some of the kitchen remodeling projects we have completed in the Ottawa area and get a good understanding of the kitchen renovation or remodel process with MDH.

Basement Renovation
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Basement renovations

Here we address many aspects of both renovating your existing basement to suit your family’s needs and finishing a new basement. You can browse through some before and after examples of what different renovated or finished basement spaces looks like. You may find some good ideas for finishing or updating your current basement.

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Home Renovations in OttawaDelivering Value for Money

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Yes, we are a profitable organization and a trusted name among home remodeling companies in the Ottawa area. Because:

  • We believe in fair pricing.
  • We believe in never overcharging for work.
  • We are known for always paying well to those who work for us.
  • We strive to provide exceptional service to you, our customer.

Most of the work we do comes our way through word of mouth. Our goal is to make customers for life—we renovate your bathroom, kitchen, or basement today, and you will be happy to work with us again in the future as well as send your family and friends to us for their remodeling projects.

In addition to referral business, we want to ensure that our current and prospective customers can find us easily online. Through this simple, functional, and professional website, we aim to give you all the information you need when you are searching for a reliable bathroom or kitchen renovation contractor or basement finishing company in Ottawa.

Your Home Renovation Dollars Count—Today, and Into the Future

No matter how small or big your home might be, bathroom renovation costs can range between $10,000 and upwards of $30,000. To maximize your home renovation budget, it is important to contract the right company to not only properly execute on your investment, but to deliver the best value. Your Ottawa home remodelers must apply modern technology along with practiced skills and craftsmanship to ensure the best result on your renovated space. Whether it’s your new spa-like renovated bathroom, ultra-chic remodeled kitchen or entertainment and relaxation friendly finished basement, you want to enjoy and be proud of the space for years to come.

Your Friendly, Knowledgeable Home Renovation Contractors in the Ottawa Area

Besides the financial investment and the aesthetic outcome of your newly renovated bathroom or kitchen, let’s not overlook the human factor. Your interaction with the renovation crew, the open, honest communication throughout each stage of the renovation process, and finally, the feeling you are left with when the project is complete, are all important considerations. You want to work with remodelling experts who are friendly and courteous, will answer all your questions, and address any concerns you might have. Many remodelling companies may claim lofty titles of being number one at this or that aspect in our industry. At MDH, we like our success to be measured by the number of satisfied customers and the referrals they send our way. We believe the key to achieving that is hard work, honestly to a T, with a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to business.

Home Renovation Contractors in the Ottawa Area

About Us

We are happy to give you a brief overview of our team and each member in it.

We discuss our value, motivation, and philosophy behind our work.

Pricing and Cost

Here we give you detailed knowledge of the industry costs and our company pricing. We have tried to provide information that answers the most common question, “How much does it cost?” For some of our services, we can provide very accurate pricing. For others, where the scope of work is broader, we give you an estimate. With pricing for basement and kitchen renovations, we can only provide a ballpark estimate, but if you need more detailed information, please contact us

meet our team

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team 01

Agathe initially joined in an administrative position but quickly moved to sales and project management. She is one of the first people you will meet to discuss the scope of work and put an estimate together. Agathe is caring and attentive to the needs of others.

team 02

Yuri has been with the company since its beginning. Yuri now oversees the day to day operations, as well as working with or crews and business partners. When not running the company, Yuri can be found exerting the same energy and passion at the gym, and continuous studies in philosophy.

team 03

As Co-Founder, Ellie has managed the company from the inside out and from the ground up. Ellie is responsible for all the unseen work without which we would not be able to function. Most administrative, as well as all accounting and crew scheduling, is covered by Ellie single-handed.


We have been privileged to work for Vlad for a number of years, Vlad has done many interior renovation projects


Customers LOVE Victor, everyone tells us that he is hardworking and never stops. Which is very true. Victor has a


It has been our pleasure to work with Anatoliy – he is our main electrical contractor. We rely on him


Yes, we do call him 2.0 as there is another Roman on the team. Roman 2.0 is a very experienced


Oleg is a valuable member of our team. While working on all sorts of interior work, Oleg particularly enjoys tile


Everyone loves Gadji – He brings his tiling and bathroom renovation expertise to our team from across the ocean. For

alex z
Alex G

Alex Z Has been with Miracle Dream home for many years, starting as a tile setter and tiling numerous backsplashes.

Alex M

Alex M joined our team in early 2019 and has been a great asset with our bathroom and kitchen renovations.


Ellie has been with Miracle Dream Homes since 2004, Ellie is responsible for all the unseen work without which we


Yuri has been with the company since its beginning. Yuri now oversees the day to day operations, as well as


Agathe initially joined in an administrative position but quickly moved to sales and project management. She is one of the


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From time to time, we will post useful articles, videos and pictures of both finished projects,

projects in progress, as well as our contractors and their stories.

Starting from Scratch: Another Completed Basement Bathroom Renovation
Starting from Scratch: Another Completed Basement Bathroom Renovation

As you can see from the before and after photos, this basement bathroom installation…

Showcasing a Stunning Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa by Miracle Dream Homes
Showcasing a Stunning Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa by Miracle Dream Homes

We are very happy to report the completion of another 3-piece bathroom renovation in an Ottawa south home.  Though…

How Can I Add Storage to My Small Bathroom?
How Can I Add Storage to My Small Bathroom?

Is it possible to add some storage to a small bathroom or is it…

Contact Us Today

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On this page as well as throughout the entire website, you can find our online form. Fill it out and submit online so we can give you information that is specific to you. We respond quickly! If you are looking for an estimate, try our “insta quote” feature, by choosing one of the types of projects available and providing a couple of pictures of your existing space. We will send you an accurate sample of the estimate within 48 business hours. This is a no-obligation quote and absolutely free of charge. The only thing we ask in return is for you to go through the documents we send you and take something of value from them. Don’t just let them stay unopened in your mailbox!

Some estimates are a little more complex than others; they will require a phone call, or a Zoom meeting, or potentially, a site visit. In our contact us form, you can see which projects we can provide an insta quote for and which will be manually priced.

Ottawa’s most loved renovation company

We build your dreams

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Miracle Dream Homes is Ottawa’s most loved renovation company. We are family owned and operated and have been servicing Ottawa and surrounding areas for the last 16 years.

happy clients

Fantastic company to work with. Good communication and helped design the perfect renovations for the space we needed. Extremely good value for the quality of work we received. Would recommend to anyone looking to do home renovations and would definitely hire again. 5 stars all around!
-Mark Mayer
Miracle Dream Homes were great, very personable and easy to deal with, we had a really good experience and will have them back at our house when we are ready for the next project
-Mike Butterfield Stittsville, ON
Miracle Dream Homes crew was very organized, they had all materials with them and besides taking half an hour or so for lunch worked around the clock. I think the reason why they have completed our bathroom so fast and with such a great results are because they were actually working at it
-Leanne McGregor, Ottawa, ON

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    Kitchens are complex renovation projects and often require a significant investment. Needless to say, a successful custom kitchen renovation adds tremendous value to your Ottawa home. Based on our experience installing kitchens in Ottawa, your preparation work, which would include walls, flooring, electrical, and some plumbing for an average size kitchen start from about $10,000. Your kitchen cabinets for an average size kitchen usually would start from about the same amount of $10,000. There are exceptions to this. We have installed many kitchens in basement apartments that cost less. The best thing is to reach out to us to discuss your project in detail. Below you will see some before and after pictures of kitchen renovations. We have also provided short descriptions of what was done and rough costs of the projects.

    To ensure the ease of the process for you and us, we remove the stress of all the supporting materials selection and simply leave it up to you to choose your finish materials. Even with that, help is available if you need to choose the right style of the cabinets or the functionality that will meet your needs. We can help you design your kitchen cabinets, or you can use one of many kitchen companies that will design and sell the kitchen cabinets to you. Perhaps you have already designed and purchased the cabinets and installation of them, such as the Ikea kitchen cabinet, and simply need to prepare the space for your new kitchen. We offer complete and partial kitchen renovation services, where you can have us handle the entire project, or we can do a partial preparation for your kitchen and a kitchen manufacturer will come in to install kitchen cabinets.

    At Miracle Dream Homes (MDH), we have been renovating, remodeling, and redesigning bathrooms and kitchens, and finishing basements in the Ottawa area since 2004. Our experience ranges from updating older homes to restyling newer ones, renovating for aging-in-place requirements, expanding smaller spaces for greater convenience and comfort, personalizing home designs and layouts, and much more. Our customers across the Ottawa area count on our skilled crews and the experience of our team to complete their home renovation projects on time and on budget.

    It takes about 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. Tradespersons such as plumbers and electricians, when going through an apprenticeship program, take at least 5 years or 8,280 hours before they are fully ready to start working on their own. DIY enthusiasts often feel excited about projects such as bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels and basement renovations. Of course, it is exciting to think of a home makeover! However, it’s important to know that whether you renovate your bathroom, basement or kitchen, getting professional help will not only save you time but potentially thousands of dollars.