8 Tips For Choosing a Bathroom Colour Scheme 

The colour-scheme you select for your bathroom renovation might largely depend on what you have for your overall home. In the bathroom, the colour scheme might seem very permanent when it comes to tiles and very expensive as far as cabinets and vanities are concerned. If it’s colour inspiration you are looking for, you can get it anywhere! However, not just any colour will work for you. So, you must ensure you get the right colours for you and your room. But just what should you do to ensure you don’t get it wrong when choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom? Here are a few tips:

  • Colours you love

Don’t be afraid to pick colours that appeal to your emotions. One person may like brown for the bathroom while another may find it too dull. So go with your instinct when picking your favourite colours.

  • Brighter colours

Go for brighter or more saturated colours for your bathroom. The colour of your bathroom tiles you select will also determine what other colours you use. If there is some paint work to be done, go for brighter colours. Light reflects in them better, thus keeping your bathroom well-lighted. Also, brightly coloured door frames tend to stand out in a more artistic way.

  • Flexibility

When choosing a color scheme for your bathroom, there is no room for being overly rigid. Picking the right colors is a process that takes time and involves frequent revisions before you arrive at what you want.

  • Start by picking one element

Before you arrive at your entire color scheme, start by picking one element of what you want but don’t use it until you have an idea of what it is that should go into the finished work. You might want to start with brown tiles, for example. However, this is just an inspiration and you shouldn’t purchase them until you have coordinating floorings and countertops.

  • Start with the least flexible element

In your bath room, the paint on cabinets and vanities could be the most flexible when it comes to choosing a colour scheme. So, do these last after tiling. The reason is that it’s easier to adjust cabinet and vanity colours to that of the tiles than the other way round.

  • Lighting

If there is anything that plays a central role to your colour-scheme, it’s the lighting. To have the perfect colour scheme, ensure you observe your choice finish in both daylight and artificial lighting to see exactly how it looks. Instead of using incandescent lights, you might need to use colour-correcting fluorescent lighting.

  • Versatility

The colour for floor and countertop granite, make it as neutral and versatile as possible. After all, you might not replace these when the trends shift and you want to change your colour-scheme.

  • Wood undertones.

For cabinets and vanities, consider the undertones of the wood. If you need a warmer colour, then go for pine while for duller colours, walnut will do the trick. You might stain the wood by applying varnish to bring out the colour qualities even more.

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