Before you start the process of finishing your unfinished basement which may look like this [pictured left] You need to address two things. Moisture protection and cracks in concrete. Most all of the basements that we’ve seen had concrete cracks and there is an easy way to deal with them.

Cracks in the basement floor are not as serious as most of the home owners use to seeing them. Your basement floor (in most of the cases) is non load bearing, meaning, the floor does not support the house, it’s the job of a footing and we will discuss Footing in our futures posts. Basement floor being non load baring is easy to repair.

We found this great video on Youtube with one of our colleagues from US explaining the process of crack repairs. Here it is:

Once those cracks are addressed, we can proceed to finish your basement.

Proper way of basement finishing is coming in the next article, please check back soon….