Colour Selection During Bathroom Renovation Ottawa

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your Bathroom Renovation Ottawa

This is basically the final stage in your bathroom renovation Ottawa; and it is an immensely critical stage. It contributes hugely to the final product. Colour is basically all that matters to the eye! No matter how beautifully moulded a bathroom is; the colours used to finally decorate it goes a long way in creating a warm ambiance or a repelling one.

One has to be extremely careful in selecting the best hues for topping up the entire renovation process.  When selecting the best hue to employ; one can use a colour scheme to help select matching colours that would match their desired needs.

Colour selection should be an easier process if one already has an idea in regards to what they want the final product to look like. On the contrary; it can be a tedious process especially when one is not decided in the accessories that they need to use during renovation.

It is wise to at least have an idea in regards to how one desires the final product to look like so as to make the entire process easy. Selecting a suitable colour during renovation mainly depends on the ambiance desired at the end of the process.

Colour selection process

The process of colour selection can be tedious. Hence one can employ any of the below options to achieve the best end result.

First and foremost; one can use a colour wheel to select three suitable colours. The three colours would be based on the fact that one is neutral, one is rich and the final one is accent. After selecting the above colours one ought to use the light colour for seventy percent of the room’s décor, the boldest for ten percent and the lightest the second rest of the percentage.

The second option would be use of two neutral colours to attain a serene and calm atmosphere. The distribution in this case would be on a seventy thirty percentage.

The third option of colour selection would be contrasting two bright colours to attain an energetic and restful ambiance. To add a bit of a brilliant colour scheme; white can be used on the sink, tub or in the trim.

Tip on dark colours during bathroom renovations!

One should not shy away from dark colours during renovation process. This is because most of these colours tend to be unique in their own way. Dark colours can also be employed to attain a dramatic contrast. The above can be attained mostly in cases where a bright colour already exists.

Last but not least; inspiration in regards to the best colour to employ can be drawn from the rest of the house. One can employ the hues already existing in the rest of the house to attain the best blend for the bathroom.  A blend of the various colours within the house can bring about a beautiful balance.


Bathroom renovation Ottawa can be a fun fulfilling and successful process based on ones interest, desire and visual of the final outcome!  Colour being the final process creates the final desired ambiance. Contact Miracle Dream Homes for your bathroom design and renovation jobs.