Bathroom Design – Lighting and Ventilation

Creating ambience in your Bathroom with proper Bathroom Lighting

Based on its layout; a bathroom can either seem too dark or well lit. The general bathroom design lighting eventually determines what kind of an ambience one experiences when they use a bathroom.

Lighting is a critical factor that should be immensely considered during the process of renovation. Lighting for any bathroom layout is essential towards achieving the most suitable design and creating either an alluring ambiance or one that drives people away.

Bathroom Ventilation

Moisture is an immense enemy of a bathroom. This is because mildew and molds tend to thrive in extremely moist places. It is thus essential to install a vent fan during renovation to ensure that a bathroom does not retain too much moisture.

In alignment to ventilation; determining the kind of door threshold is very critical during renovation this is mainly because it determines in a large way the manner in which water circulation would be taking place when one takes a shower.

When there is too much moisture in the bathroom; molds and mildews tend to thrive and this will create an immense toil on surfaces that have been painted finished. Ventilation should be at least fifty cubic feet per minute; especially in cases where there are plans to install a steam shower. A humidity sensing unit should also be considered and this is mostly dependant on the amount of moisture.

Bathroom Lighting

Lighting in most cases normally seeks to bring out varied ranges of illumination into the bathroom and creates a warm ambiance. Vertical fixtures can be duly employed on both sides of the vanity mounted. Additionally; one can opt for medicine cabinets that have lighting stripes already installed in them. Both the toilet and the shower need to have a task light. Most of the fixtures that should be put in place in this case ought to be ones that operate on LED lights.

This is to avoid any extra costs that would be incurred if any other kind of lighting is used. The fixtures used should be placed on switches that can dim to enable easy adjustment based on the particular desired task.

Types of lighting

Scone lighting when applied ensures that one achieves the best lighting. It will also go a long way in getting rid of unnecessary shadows. Dim lighting can be suitably applied for a relaxing bath. Bright lights are suitable when installed in areas where make up is applied or shaving is done.

The shaving area and the makeup application area should have adequate lighting to ease the process for individuals. For a small bathroom the overall lighting can make it look smaller or bigger.


The ambiance brought about by the lighting and ventilation in a bathroom goes a long way in determining the need and desire to use the particular bathroom. This is mainly because the lighting in a bathroom illuminates a mood that either welcomes one in a warm and cozy kind of manner or dims one’s desire to use the bathroom.

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