Don’t settle for an imitation—use real tiles to decorate your walls

Recently, a lot of DIY interior design websites have been recommending special wall paper to create the look of a wall tile. While this may provide a passable imitation of the look you want, you’re actually much better off investing in tiling than buying a wall paper.

Here are 4 benefits of tile versus wall paper:

Great Design Options

The more reason to go for a benefits of tile versus wall paper is that you have more choices to make. In fact, your choices are in effect limitless when you think about the possibility of buying some wall tiles for your project.

No Staining

Another very important benefits of tile installation versus wall paper is that it is durable and easy to be cared for. Not like a wallpaper “tile” that is simply gum to the wall and can easily begin to sag, a properly installed grouted wall tile will stay in place for decades. This is because tile is non-porous it is also insusceptible to stains or water damage which is excellent news because two of the main areas you are likely to put a wall tile is mainly in the kitchen backsplash and your bathroom walls are likely to get wet.

Realistic Texture

While there are a few kind of wallpaper tile that offer a textural look, finally anything that is not real tile looks fake. This is true whether you considering a wallpaper that is painted to look like it has one that actually is embossed to grout lines and mimic tile.

Matching Trim Available

If you are looking to cover a portion of your wall or to add a backsplash. If you are using a wallpaper, you certainly would not want to let the design end halfway up the walls. Not only would this leave a weak edge that could tear, it would look so odd. One solution can be to add a piece of wood trim. With a wall tile, you don’t have to match a wood trim to finish off the top. Rather, you can simply use matching trim tiles designed for this purpose.

Better Long Term Value

Another benefits of tiling installation versus wall paper is that even though your initial costs will be a little higher, you will be getting a better value in the long term. The tile will last much longer, and it will also provide a more classic look that will be appealing to people, which is very important for your properties.

However, to obtain a greater value of your property in future, its recommended to use tiles rather than wallpapers as they increase the entire look of your home and at the sometime giving value to your property.