Choosing a Location for your Basement Bathroom

Things to consider for deciding a location for your Basement Bathroom

Today’s topic of our article is what is a good location for the basement bathroom. This question comes up often as we visit our customers who are looking to either renovate there existing basement bathroom, or if they are looking to relocate it into more convenient place in the basement, or new basement is involved and people are looking to build a new bathroom in their basement.

In case there is an existing washroom in the basement, often times the best and most economical solution is to keep the location of the bathroom in the same area. This avoids the need to open up all the basement flooring and do a major plumbing relocation, which saves us from additional plumbing costs, saves on cost of replacing basement flooring and possible moving of the basement walls. So simply place your existing bathroom in the basement and keep it where it is, it’s the best bang for your buck!

In the case of a new build you have a few more options. First and foremost you are kind of restricted by where the rough plumbing is put in by the builder. However, since the basement is most likely unfinished, it is a lot less expensive to relocate that plumbing into a new area  if that area is more desirable for the bathroom.

In many cases your concrete flooring must be opened anyways because the rough plumbing is probably off by a few inches or feet from where it needs to be. So, in many cases you are still spending money to open up the flooring. This should be judged on case by case basis and sometimes for only a little bit more you can move your bathroom to a new location in your basement. Sometimes there can be big advantages to moving your bathroom into a new location. For example a low ceiling. For the bathroom you want to try and avoid to have the location of the basement bathroom where the ceiling height is restricted by HVAC or structural components of your house. There are many more things to consider for a good location of the bathroom in the basement, each project should be evaluated on case by case basis and be based on your needs and wants.

When building a bathroom in the basement from the scratch, we suggest staying with standard sizes of your bathroom fixtures such as a tub, shower base, vanity or toilets. Building walls around those not the other way around. By doing this you will greatly reduce the cost of your project in both labor and finish materials. For example, a standard 30×60” tub, left or right drain is a great option for basement bathroom, 36” vanity is more than enough for any bathroom use as well. These items are radially available at your Local Supplier like Lowe’s. They are both in stock items and have a great price and available right a way.

The best way to have a clear picture of what is the best location for your basement bathroom is have a professional come out to your house and evaluate your particular situation and your needs. Contact Miracle Dream Homes as we would be happy to assist you.