Guide on Tiling Your Kitchen Backsplash

Tiling your kitchen backsplash adds beauty and durability to your kitchen. With these easy tips you can accomplish this in a few days. This is a great way to decorate your kitchen without spending a lot of cash and time while adding value to your houses.

To make your kitchen backsplash look more professional when you pick out your tile pick out a complementary tile. This can be placed on the top, middle, or bottom. There are some quality glass tiles available that you can go for a square foot and use only a row. There are plenty of other border choices you can choose from. You just have to be creative.

There are some equipment’s in the market to make your job a lot easier and one could be adhesive mat. Regarding the adhesive mat, you can stick it to the wall and then stick your tiles to the adhesive mat and no adhesive is needed at that point. This is not recommended for heavy or thick tiles.

In other to make your outlet boxes to work properly, it is advisable to take the screws out and cut your tiles for tiling your kitchen backsplash close enough so the outlets fit over top of them.

If you are using tile adhesive for Ottawa tile installation kitchen backsplash, make sure to let it dry for 24 hours or at least over night before grouting, by doing that, your tiles will stay intact and will not drift during grouting.


Tape for measuring

Square and pencil

Glue spreading tool I like to use a notched plastic putty knife about 4″ wide

You also need a tile cutter. You can get one at any close by hard ware store.

Tips on where to start and how to finish

Before you begin tiling your kitchen backsplash lay your cardboard on the countertop and put your tiles on the cardboard against the wall. Measure the length of your kitchen backsplash before you begin tiling your kitchen backsplash. Find out if it will be possible to start your tile at the countertop end and run it into the extreme corner, check the other side of the edge and see if it would work to go from the end of that edge if the pieces in the corner are not slivers it would work to start at the end of both counters.

You could buy a border tile to finish the run and these will have to be calculated into your layout.

Do your planning and layout before you start putting the tiles to on the wall, this will save a lot of stress and headaches. Whenever you plan on tile installation your kitchen backsplash, try using this simple guiding tips.