Ottawa Windows Installation Specialists – Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Your Windows

Ottawa Window Installation Specialists at Miracle Dream Homes have some special tips to make your windows sparkle! As much as it may seem easy to clean the windows and just see them clean, there are ways in which one may easily clean their windows and have them clean for a while. Windows normally compliment one’s house and clean windows clearly show a house is clean as well. Windows are easily noticeable by any outsider as they are what make the house pop even more. Dirty windows may end up giving on the wrong impression about a home it may look like a mess from the outside. The cleaning of windows and other glass surfaces may prove to an easy task but the problem comes in when one has to do it without there being any streaks left behind on the windows. Listed below are some very basic tips that will help get the glass surfaces sparkling clean and without any streak marks left behind.

  1. Clean From Top to Bottom

One is advised that if they want to have squeaky clean window then there is need for one to clean the windows from top to bottom. This helps keep the streaks away from the windows. One may easily begin cleaning the window from the top then work their way down in order to ensure that no drips happen on the glass surfaces which are already perfectly cleaned.

  1. Use a Squeegee

The simple tool can make a very huge difference when it comes to window cleaning as if makes one effortlessly clean a widow without having to go back to the same place. One may even need a long handled squeegee which also helps in cleaning tall widows, as well clean shower walls.

  1. Wash the Windows on a Cloudy Day

Cleaning windows during a cloudy day helps in terms of the windows don’t dry up very fast hence this prevents them from getting streaks and the leaving behind of residue. Hence, wait for a cloudy day to ensure that one has streak-free shinny windows.

  1. Clean Corners with Cotton Swabs

No matter how much effort one put into the cleaning of the windows, there are just areas that one may simply have a problem reaching such as the corners of the glass. The residue may prove to be an issue when one is planning to removing it in the event that one does not have the right tool hence, one may easily use a cotton swab.

  1. Try an Old T-Shirt

T-shits tend to be very absorbent and will unlikely leave behind any lint residue on the window hence they actually do make the windows clean. Nevertheless, using the old t-shirts instead of using paper towels is a way of saving money.

  1. Avoid Woodwork

Windows that have been framed with wood need to be cleaned very carefully as one needs to avoid the woody section. Making the wood wet may end up damaging it hence one is advised to simply clean small sections of the window from top to bottom while avoiding the wood work.

  1. Try Homemade Window Cleaner

One may combine a cup of alcohol, a cup of water and a table spoon of vinegar to make the mixture and simply spray it on the glass, tiles and chrome among many other surfaces.