Things to Consider Before Tiling Your Bathroom

A great bathroom looks and feels mainly depends on the type of tiles you use. When tiling your bathroom this is largely determined by factors such as prevailing market trends and the cost of acquiring the tiles. As you go ahead with the decision to tile your bathroom, here are a few things that Miracle Dream Homes recommends that you might want to consider:

  • The Trends

This can guide you on the standard look upon which your bathroom will be compared once it’s done. Current industry trends seem to be pointing towards the use of larger tiles for the bathroom floor – 600 mm by 600 mm wide tiles. Well, if you choose to go with this trend, you may end up with a visually-expanded space. However, larger tiles require more customized cutting and may easily get damaged. You might, therefore, end up spending more just to get your floor correctly fitted.

  • The mood you wish to create

What kind of mood are you looking to create in your bathroom? This could greatly depend on the general style of your home. You definitely want to have tiles that match this. If you have a home with a contemporary style, then you have to make sure that the style flows all the way to the bathroom. This could all depend on the colour and pattern of the tiles you choose to use. The type of tiles to use.

  • The type of tiles

There are many types of tiles that you may consider using in your bathroom. It’s all a matter of taste. For tiling bathrooms, ceramic tiles are the most commonly used. You might also consider using porcelain tiles which are made from the more refined material. Then we have composite stone tiles such as Terrazzo, which is a blend of natural stone chips and cement. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more natural setting, then you might consider using natural stone tiles. That’s if you opt not to go for glass mosaic tiles. Well, the choice is yours.

  • The cost

Tiling your bathroom can’t be done without considering how much it’s going to cost. It all depends on how big the surface to be tiled is. If you are tiling only part of the walls, then it won’t cost you much. However, if you are doing the entire floor-to-wall surface on your walls, you might end up spending more. Since floors and ceilings are never level, you will have to cut more tiles thus increasing your total cost even further.

  • The person to do the tiling.

This is definitely not a do it yourself (DIY) job. This is because of the various things that go into the job. You need to hire someone with knowledge of what’s needed to correctly cut the tiles to fit your bathroom. If anything, you might not be in possession of all the special equipment (such as diamond blades and angle grinders) you may need. Tiling your bathroom isn’t a job you can do roughly and trust it will come out shining. So for the best finishing touch, talk to a qualified tiling specialist to help you tile your bathroom.