Ottawa Tile Installation – The Perks of Having a Contractor to Tile Your Bathroom

Ottawa tile installation contractors are a great resource. You can’t possible complete your tile installation Ottawa project without involving them. It doesn’t matter if you are tiling a new house or carrying out bathroom renovations; you just cannot do without a contractor. But just how do you determine how much you will pay for their work? Contractors often use two methods to determine how much you should pay: by the hour or by the job.

  • Charges by the hour

For a straightforward job that takes no more than a day, the contractor likely to charge you by the hour plus an additional fee for mileage. Things like installing a sink, bathtub or a few tiles will definitely fall into this category. However, if you are using a contractor with professional skills such as plumbing and tile installation, you should be prepared to pay more than if you were dealing with someone with general skills. The cost for a professional contractor could be between $50 and $150 per hour. However, this could come with discounts that could significantly push down the cost.

  • Charges per job

If the job under consideration is a larger job that involves installing tiles in an entire bathroom or a total overhaul of the bathroom renovation Ottawa, then the charges will be par job. However, the contractor may not be willing to wait till the job is finished for the payment to be made. Many prefer for the payments to be made after certain milestones have been achieved. For example, they may charge for half of a total basement bathroom installation price, when the tiling has been completed. As a homeowner, you can estimate the total cost of a job by researching the basic price of materials and doubling it. This gives a good indication of what the contractor will charge.

Despite the method your contractor uses, ensure you get a written quotation of the costs, payment expectations, and timelines. If there are any guarantees or warranties about the work, ensure they are in writing. For tiling works, you should get guarantees that your bathroom will remain waterproof for a certain length of time. If you are working with a reputable contractor, then they should stand for the efficacy of their work and shouldn’t have a problem correcting any mistakes at no extra cost to you the homeowner.

How to keep contractor costs down

As a homeowner, there are simple things you can do to help lower the cost of a tiling job. Preparation is key. Cleaning and prepping the bathroom before the contractor comes to install tiles can come in handy. Ensure you move out any loose objects should be moved and the room swept and vacuumed. If your job involves a series of multiple tasks, prepare a list in advance so you are clear what needs to be done. Also, buy your own materials by researching to ensure you buy materials that work.

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