Bathroom Renovation

Here are some tips for your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation can be a tricky process especially when space is limited. It is mostly advisable to avoid including a bathtub when your family rarely take a lot of baths. This means that the extra space can be used for constructing a storage cabinet.

If the house is set up for eventual sale; it is advisable for one to make sure they include at least a single tab. Walk in showers should be considered during the process of renovation as they are efficient especially for a huge family.

For cases of large families; you ought to consider separating the shower and toilet from the sink to enable easy preparation for everyone. The practically for what is applied for a particular family during renovation is definitely not bound to work for another family; hence it is advisable for one to mainly concentrate on what works for them beforehand.

Factors to consider during Bathroom renovation

The practicality of what to expect and the factors to be put into consideration during the process of bathroom renovation go a long way towards ensuring that one’s dream bathroom is eventually achieved. The process of renovation is not only costly but is also time consuming.

This means that a varied number of factors have to be in place to ensure that the process is completed in the shortest time possible at a considerable cost. A few important pointers have to be put into place during the entire process of renovating a bathroom. Some of these factors include; but are not limited to:


The first and most important factor that should be considered during the process is the cost. Expectations of what you desire out of your design ought to be weighted out with the actual cost. The cost would be inclusive of the quality of the materials you desire to use, the size of the bathroom, and whether the actual labor would be outsourced.


The second pointer is to not make the toilet the first visible thing when entering the bathroom. This is a pointer that most designers agree to. The logic of this is that many times the bathroom door in most families is usually left open.

This means that the toilet would be the first visible thing to guests on entry, and we all know that it is usually not the most pleasing sight to look at. By all means; it is necessary to make sure that the toilet is not the focal point.


Based on the fact that vanities keep getting bigger on a yearly basis; bigger bathroom space is something that should be a priority in this time and age. Most successful bathroom ideas tend to feature double or in some cases an oversized vanity.

In addition to the above; most designers tend to have in place wall mounted cabinets for further storage. In the case where there is limited space; it is advisable to have in place built in and recessed designs where other toiletries can be placed.

In designing a spacious bathroom it is extremely essential to have matriculate organization. Organization in this case would in the form of trays, bins and drawer organizers that help in saving more space.

In conclusion, bear in mind that storage space is a key factor. It has to be incorporated in the process of renovation as it is better to have too much space rather than not have enough.

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