Bathroom Tiling Ottawa

Once you’ve done a trial “dry lay” with your tiles and your floor surface is clean and ready for tiling, so are you! These 8 steps will take you through how to lay and grout your tiles from Miracle Dream Homes.

Step 1

Measure out from the wall to establish a square line and starting point (the video on our website shows how to do this). Mark the area where you will start tiling, then brush and prime the floor.

Step 2

Mix the adhesive (follow the manufacturer’s instructions) and spread about one square metre of adhesive on the f loor where you are going to start tiling.

Step 3

For floor tiles, we use a 12mm notched trowel to spread adhesive. By using a notched trowel, the adhesive is applied leaving little tracks on the floor. Once the tile is bedded into place these notches will flatten out to leave a bed of adhesive 6mm thick.

Step 4

Place each tile in position with a firm push and bed it into place with a slight up and down wiggle across the notches of the adhesive. Every now and then, lift a tile to check that it has complete coverage with the adhesive.

Step 5 Clean off any excess adhesive from the face of the tiles as you work. Allow the adhesive 24 hours to dry before grouting.


While grouting is not a difficult process, a well-grouted job can make all the difference to the finished project. Cleaning, buffing and polishing (with thorough repeating!) will pay untold dividends.

Step 6

When mixing the grout, add the powder to the water to ensure a thorough mix with no lumps. Mix to a thick paste-like consistency. Apply the grout. Push it into the joints and compress by wiping over at an angle across the joints. Do not apply grout to the corners where walls meet f loors and where two walls meet. Silicone will need to be applied here. Remove all the excess grout. Allow the grout to dry and for a film to set on the face of the tiles (this will take about an hour).

Step 7

Clean up with a damp (but not too wet) sponge. Do not wash the floor or overly wet the surface. The trick is to lift the film without wetting the actual grouted joint. Make sure that you wipe on a 45 degree angle and keep rinsing the sponge as you work.