Easy Bathroom Renovation Tips

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, it’s vital that you get all the details right. First, you must sit down and decide exactly what you want to achieve with your bathroom renovation. Then think about exactly what the bathroom will be used for. Only then can you have an exact idea of what to do renovating your bathroom.

Here are some tips to guide you through your renovation works:

  • Layout

In order to create a functional and comfortable space in your bathroom, you need to go for the right layout. If you are not sure what layout to go for, speak to an architect or a builder. The kind of floor plan you choose might eventually be constrained by the location of the existing plumbing works. You need to consider if your layout choice will allow for the maximizing of natural light or if it will lead to easy entry to the bedroom.

  • The shower

Well, here is something you should take time thinking about before you settle on exactly what you want. You might consider a fixed or a hand-held shower head, for example. As for the shower screens, you might be thinking in terms of framed or frameless, semi-framed or no screen at all.

  • The bath

You can’t be renovating your bathroom and fail to pick a modern bathtub. It all depends on what you are looking for in a bathroom. You might choose freestanding tubs if you are looking to minimize on the works or recessed baths to minimize the space used. Alternatively, you may want to go for easy-access baths for use by those with a disability or the elderly. If it’s luxury you’re looking for, a full Jacuzzi setup is what you might consider having.

  • The vanity and basin

Your bathroom is not complete without a sink and ample storage space. You might even have two sinks if need be. The color choice for your vanity should match that of the rest of the bathroom. The range of vanities to choose from is as wide as can be. You might want wall-mounted vanities or cabinet vanities with simple shelf systems. It all depends on how much storage space you need.

  • Other fixtures and fittings

From frameless shower screens and towel rails to taps, the right fixtures and fittings are useful in complementing the rest of the bathroom design. For the taps, you would have to select from a range of materials including chrome, gold, brass, and stainless steel. So it goes for the styles available. The kind of taps you choose all have to do with space availability and the look you are looking to achieve.

  • Tiles

The place of tiles in determining the look and ambiance of your bathroom cannot be overstated. From wall tiles to floor tiles and special feature borders, choosing the right tiles is central to the success of your bathroom renovation. You need to consider the ambiance you are looking for in your bathroom as well as the colour scheme you want, the size of tiles you want, and how you will have them laid out. Learn more about tile installation Ottawa.

  • Lighting

The lighting in your bathroom has to be enough to enable you to see clearly. You could use natural lighting or some electric bulbs; it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you should be able to see clearly in the bathroom. If you are using artificial lighting, choose fixtures that are moisture-proof. Also, choose lights that will not lead to huge power bills.

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