A small bathroom doesn’t have to appear small. Make your small bathroom appear visually bigger by simply keeping it as airy and open as possible. Light colours with a white ceiling and white trim trick the eye to think the space is larger. Experienced bathroom contractors in Ottawa have the creative design skills to give you more space by using the right fixtures and appliances that serve to reduce that cramped feeling in a small bathroom.

Increase Lighting in Your Small Bathroom

If you have a source of natural light in your bathroom, that’s great, but you still might need to bring in light sources from wall mount light fixtures, and recessed LED lights in the ceiling. Modern LED lights fit into many different places for added lighting that opens up spaces. Having mirrors, especially the modern LED mirrors bring not only functionality but also style, and they certainly help make the room look bigger. If your goal is a clean and airy bathroom and you need to choose between a mirror or a medicine cabinet with a mirror, a simple mirror will provide a cleaner look. During your bathroom renovations in Ottawa, it’s easy to install lights and mirrors.

Balance the Size of Bathroom Fixtures 

An important component of making your small bathroom appear bigger and better is the choice of fixtures you make. The vanity and linen tower you install can make the space look big or small. Functional full-size vanities and linen towers provide plenty of storage space, but they can make the bathroom look and feel smaller. In your small bathroom renovation plan, you may need to choose what’s priority—will you sacrifice storage for looks and style, or vice versa? Custom bathroom installations in Ottawa can provide more options because you can fit the appliances or fixtures to the bathroom.

Open Up Space in Your Small Bathroom

Last but certainly not the least, removing unnecessary partition walls, enclosed spaces and bulkheads opens up the space dramatically. We have all seen bathtubs that have either tile or acrylic walls above it and a bulkhead above. Contrary to common thinking that it might be housing some plumbing or mechanical components, usually it’s empty! So, removing it and making a bathroom ceiling smooth and flush brings in a ton of light and space into the tub and shower area, especially if the tub is being converted into a shower and glass doors are being installed.

This brings us to the next and even more impactful possibility. Instead of having an alcove shower with three tiled walls, remove one partition wall, if possible, and have two tiled walls and a sliding glass door with a side glass return panel. This will open up the shower area dramatically and make your entire bathroom look and feel much bigger.

Of course, there are many more things to consider, but we have listed some key points to keep in mind when you want to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger than it is. Working with an experienced bathroom remodeler in Ottawa to plan your bathroom is a good start toward your goals. Contact us for more information.