Is it possible to add some storage to a small bathroom or is it a contradiction in terms? In this short article, we will address how to maximize the storage in a small size bathroom and what one can expect as far as functional storage capacity during bathroom renovations in Ottawa.  

Defining the Small Bathroom  

Your bathroom may feel small, but it may be a standard size bathroom of 35 to 40 square feet. Small bathrooms are usually defined as anything smaller than 5 feet wide by 7 feet long. Fortunately, bathroom contractors in Ottawa can help you find options that fit your bathroom to make it more comfortable and functional.  

What Type of Storage Do You Want?  

When you think of bathroom storage, you’re not usually thinking of general household items, but rather items that you would need for typical bathroom use. Towels, toilet paper, personal hygiene items, and yes, even Costco size shampoos and conditioners are generally on the list! Let’s look at the options for small bathrooms. 


Oftentimes, the biggest storage unit in a bathroom is the vanity. In a 7-foot bathroom with a 30-inch-wide tub or shower, not a lot of room is left over for the vanity. Vanities typically come in two types, wall mount and freestanding. A freestanding vanity will have more potential for storage than a wall mount, but you may get more space by utilizing organizers that maximize the storage space. Look for smaller vanities that won’t overwhelm your smaller bathroom.  

Medicine Cabinet  

Next, consider the use of a wall built-in medicine cabinet, or wall mount medicine cabinet. Though they do take away a bit from a clean and airy look of the bathroom, they also add a good amount of usable storage for your small items. All small medicine bottles, toothbrushes and pastes, skincare, etc., can be easily and comfortably stored in a medicine cabinet, which in turn will open up the space in your vanity for larger items. 

Use Your Tub and Shower Area  

Your tub and shower area can carefully be used as storage for your soaps, shampoos and conditioners, and some skincare products. The optional niches and shelves that can be installed right in a tub/shower area are a great idea and they free up both vanity countertop space as well as inside the vanity. The ability to install those depends on the type of shower finish you choose. In general, as long as you have interior walls and you are installing tile above your tub or shower, there should be a way to install a niche. 

Custom Storage Options  

If after exhausting these two main storage areas you still find yourself in need of more space, work with a designer who can help you customize your space with:  

  • Wall mount cabinet above the toilet.  
  • Linen towers can be installed on interior walls without electrical or plumbing.  
  • Open wall-mounted shelves are also an option.  

Bathroom Renovations Depend on Your Space  

There’s no way around it—your bathroom installation in Ottawa will depend to a large extent on the size of your bathroom. Adding more storage into your bathroom will make it appear less airy and less clean, so you want to find a balance between storage and design.  

Miracle Dream Homes can answer all your questions about renovating a small bathroom in Ottawa.