We are very happy to report the completion of another 3-piece bathroom renovation in an Ottawa south home. 

Though it’s a very typical bathroom renovation project and 3-piece bathrooms are very common in modern construction, the project turned out to be quite a nice looking bathroom. It’s not a big bathroom, but it’s very cozy and clean and the client loved the way it turned out. We did too!  

The scope of work included conversion from a bathtub to a shower; the customer opted for an acrylic shower base with tiled walls. We have installed a very functional tiled niche, and the choice of black hardware complements dark tile and glass sliding shower doors quite well too. 

To contrast the darker tiles of the shower, the customer went with large and light floor tiles. 

A white vanity that comfortably rests on a large tile floor brings the timeless resemblance of elegant bathrooms from the past enmeshed into a modern feel of larger tiles and light wall colours. 

Not Just Aesthetics! Bathroom Renovation Involves Complex Construction Too! 

Besides the beauty of the finished work, a lot went into the installation of this Ottawa bathroom. Everything was waterproofed with Schluter systems membranes, the floor received its usual Ditra uncoupling membrane, and the walls were constructed with Schluter Kerdi membrane.  

Due to COVID-related supply shortages, it’s been hard to get a hold of Kerdi boards as all Ottawa tile supplies are out of stock. So, we had to revert to the old techniques of installing a Kerdi membrane over the substrate, something we did 10-12 years ago before Kerdi boards came out. Oh, good old times! 

After the demolition, we discovered that the existing subfloor was insufficiently supported and there was a lot of floor movement. So, prior to installing Ditra, we added support under the subfloor and reinforced it with a ¼” cement board. Yes, perhaps a total overkill. With Ditra and tiles over it, you can literally park a tank on top of that floor! No movements, no squeaks, just a beautifully clean and elegant bathroom that will serve our customer and their family and guests for many years to come. 

Special thanks to our crew members, Oleg and Dimitry for their dedication and hard work. You build for a customer as if you are building for yourself, and that’s the key to a job well done. Thank you Art and Darryl for the plumbing work, and as always, thank you to Anatoliy for his electrical work done on this and all of our other job sites.